Clear Signs Of Danger

Sometimes your debts become unmanageable and you need professional assistance. It happens to everyone at some stage and it’s not your fault.  We’re here to make sure you get the help you rightly deserve.  Here are some indications that your debts are becoming unmanageable:

  • You're continually going over your spending limits.
  • You're constantly worrying each month about how you'll pay your mortgage or how your rent will get paid.
  • You and your partner are having disagreements frequently about money, even sometimes arguing about it.
  • You're using your credit card/s as a necessity rather than a convinience (using credit card/s in every store, instead of buying groceries for example)
  • You borrow money just to get from one payday to the next and then you struggle to pay it back.
  • You're always forced to pay off one credit card using another one and/or you withdraw cash from them.
  • You don't reduce your total debt over the months; instead you're forced to only pay back the interest or service charges.
  • You've resorted to pay day loans.
  • You feel anxious and fearful when the mail arrives or the telephone rings, worrying that it's from collection agencies and creditors.
  • Your creditors are actually taking money from your regular wages to pay off your oustanding debts.
  • You're so overwhelmed by the idea of getting into debt that you can't see any way out of your situation (you might even be considering bankruptcy)

We understand your difficulties and we want to help. Contact us for a consultation and we'll gladly explain what your options are. It's free.

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