How to Stop Collection Calls

When your behind in your bills and the telephone continues to ring your nightmare has begun. The walls feel as though they are closing, the stomach sinks, and you feel as though there is no way out. But, there are measures you can take to help get your feet back on the ground.

Begin with understanding that most collection agencies, banks and telemarketers have predictive dialing systems or automatic calling for making outbound calls. This clears the agent of dialing the number each time they call out. They hire a certain amount of collectors for a certain amount of lines and the call is placed automatically. This minimizes time for the collector and saves the company money.

When a human picks up the computerized call the computer recognizes that it is a human answering and transfers the call to a bill collector. There may be a delay or you may hear the collector come right on the phone line.

To avoid this situation, order a call privacy feature from your telephone company. This will send a message such as “the person does not accept calls from unidentified numbers; please state your name before we attempt to connect you”. The computer will not be able to “speak” back to answer the question and the call will be disconnected.

You can get this feature from every phone company. The average cost ranges around two to five dollars a month.

Do not just block the calls and forget about them. You need to take steps to eliminate the debt. Professional Alliance Credit is a resource for people in need of assistance with debt collectors. This will help you to stop the calls, stop further negative effects on your credit rating, and settle the debt with the company. Consultation is free and if you are receiving phone calls, it is time that you speak with a consultant.

Legal Action

It is not unless the debt owed by the consumer is higher than launching a lawsuit that the creditor will sue. This is an expensive and lengthy process.

The creditor is not concerned with whether they win. If you owe, they will likely win. Creditors are interested in whether they can collect the judgment.

When launching a lawsuit there are four main things that are considered:

  • Can you be located?
  • How much is owed?
  • What assists do you own?
  • Do they know where you work?

These are all fairly self-explanatory. However, consider this: if you own a home in which you have 14 –% equity in, you can be targeted for a lawsuit if you are not paying your debts. If your debts are over $10,000 it is likely that they will come after you. If they know where you work, they may garnish your wages. The creditor will actually be able to attach 20% of your pay.

There are many techniques bill collectors use to get information out of you that can be used later. If you are afraid of a lawsuit, limit all conversation with the collector until you can pay off the bills.

The best advice is get help when you are in this situation.


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