Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation is also known as debt combining and it’s the process of acquiring a single loan from a financial institution that will cover all your outstanding unsecured debt.

Do you want to cancel out all your previous monthly debt payments and have only one payment to make each month that is significantly lower?  If you answered yes this is the option for you.  If you’ve got a fair credit rating and a sufficient income you may be eligible for a loan such as this.

You do have another option, however.  You can have your valuable assets, your property or any other equity refinanced.  Mortgage refinancing is the most common choice.  Mortgage refinancing allows you to use some of the home equity you’ve accumulated to cover all of your current debt.

Here at Alliance Credit, we want to ensure that you are able to take full advantage of this particular program, so we’ll guide you through the process and negotiate the best terms to suit your specific requirements.  We’ll also uncover the best possible interest rate on your mortgage, and discharge your high interest loans to significantly lower your monthly payments.

Here’s an example of a typical scenario:



Current Situation Balance Payment New Mortgage Balance Payment
Mortgage (@6%) $160,000 $1,024 Mortgage (@ 5.84%*) $201,000 $1,266
Car Loan $18,000 $540 Car Loan Paid off
Credit Cards/Loans $20,000 $600 Credit Cards/Loans Paid off
Penalty to break mortgage $3,000 $0 Penalty to break mortgage Paid off
Total $201,000 $2,164 Total $201,000 $1,266



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