Debt Settlement

Debt settlement, which is also sometimes called debt negotiation or debt reduction.  You’ll hear the word solvent a lot when dealing with debt settlement and this means that you can manage to pay your bills but you’re unable to acquire a consolidated debt loan.  If this describes you then we suggest a debt settlement program.

This program is suitable for you if your unsecured debt is over $10,000 (overdraft and utility bills, personal loans and credit cards) and you’re able to repay a portion of your debt.

Alliance Credit can negotiate a debt reduction down to 60-80% on your behalf.  We do this based on the money you currently owe.  We develop a specially tailored program to suit your specific circumstances and needs.

Contact us right now.  We’re here to help you so get in touch and we promise to determine if this program is right for you.  We’ll give you a free estimate and tell you what you can achieve by accepting our help.

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